Lonesome in Los Angeles

Back in Los Angeles lost in loneliness
Blinded completely by naive foolishness
The clock here always tell it’s time to pretend
Never really knew what is real, who is friend

Purposely ignoring the small warning signs
With desperation I searched among all kinds
Once again end up in the very wrong place
Thinking I’ve fallen into the right embrace

Making sweet love in a plastic paradise
Waking up morrow couldn’t quite pay the price
Fights after fights I wrestle reality
Then I smoke to numb in solidarity

With ev’ry smile I crack I become fragile
While fallin’ for good old tears of crocodile
Scripted for two actors with no chemistry
Most of these love stories end in tragedy

Played like games of poker and Russian roulette
Dealt like Monopoly cards of chance and chest
Love’s a battlefield some is cursed to suffer
Perhaps someday I’ll end this streak of loser

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Island Lovers

Boys and girls holding hands in the rain
In their flip flops they kiss, they gallivant
To the soundtrack of ocean waves and breeze
As they gaze into each others’ eyes with ease
Her sun-kissed skin on his surf’s up tan
Laying freely across the soft pale sand
Two hearts beating in place where times freeze
Beneath the shadows of coconut trees

Lovebirds hiding to elope out of sight
To be free as a bird, high as a kite
Over the sky they witness a rainbow
On a day when Cupid strikes his arrow
Silently the blue skies cruise into night
Passion and desires waiting to ignite
As fireworks illuminates hopes and vows
May they love for as long as time allows

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Lost Luggage

Vintage Suitcase







Travelers surround and leave the baggage carousel
Suddenly I am the only one left standing there
This suitcase missing is the beginning of a tale
In a place where it feels like the middle of nowhere

As I saunter around feeling flustered and empty
There is a new sense of direction and clarity
A man with no excess baggage is a man set free
Like hippies with nothing I set foot on a journey

In my sweaty tank top, jeans, and overnight backpack
I smoke the last two cigarettes as if time stood still
My colorful world swiftly turns into white and black
This old soul trapped in youth’s body never felt so real

In man’s loneliest time a book is his best company
Inspirations run through me like silent blasphemy
Push me into the wild wild world with no guarantee
Who needs belongings when life turns into a party

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Away and back…

Sorry for being away for the past few months, I always intend to update this blog but work has been busy and I was less than inspired to write.

But recently one of my readers told me that they are inspired by my poetry, and that I should always keep writing. I am more than grateful to hear such encouraging words.

Now that I have time for myself, to take a break from work and get on the road again, I will keep up with my posts. In fact, this is my first day and already I am inspired…

Poetry never dies, a true poet never stop writing.

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Sometimes, I sit in my room listening to music and cry
the sadness and solemnness haunt me like a ghost
emotions run out of control no matter how hard I try
in this tormentingly beautiful world where i am lost

The loneliness that follows is one that I wonder
why does a man like me still searching for better
the questions of adulthood I carefully ponder
which is why I run from one place to another

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Thank you, Goodbye

I remember when I was young
And all the songs that I have sung
Those days have now gone by
But the memories still keep me high

Sometimes when I am all alone
It’s so lonesome I turned to stone
And after all is said and done
A nomad only knows how to run

Bags packed and ready for the jet
Thank you everyone I have ever met
Like the boy in Catcher In The Rye
It’s time to learn to say goodbye

Maybe I will go back to home
Or somewhere romantic like Rome
To forget the cold winter month
Perhaps soak up some Tuscan sun

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Une Belle Soirée

thank you for a very lovely evening
it was more than just a casual meeting
too bad it happened at a wrong timing
but that kiss was better than anything


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