About Toby Kendzierski

[2012-09] JMEN (3)________________________________________________________________

In Fall 2009, I graduated from Texas Christian University with a Biology (Pre-Med) degree.  In college I was a teaching assistant for Freshman Biology & Biochemistry. I wanted to be a veterinarian. So I moved to LA and worked with a veterinarian in LA. I also started  a dog-walking business and volunteered with an animal shelter called Bark Avenue Foundation. I then went on to work in a farm in Beaumont, CA.



Country boy | Toby Kendzierski wears Ralph LaurenI am an Aquarian. I love to write, and I love to draw. I love music. I love to travel, eat, and cook


jagger04 by vincent marcheMy favorite quote of all time comes from my idol, James Dean. “Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today.” It is tattooed on my upper left arm and signifies how I live each day to the fullest and never waste any given opportunity to appreciate life.

Another quote which I live by as a principle is Tennessee Williams’, “Kill all my demons and My Angels might die too.” It is tattooed on my right forearm as a reminder that everything should be approached with balance.



Harper’s Bazaar Nov 2011 editorial with Inna Pilipenko shot by Gan

3 Responses to About Toby Kendzierski

  1. Peter Hounsou says:

    You’re so talented on your work, your poems and the passion towards your life. I admire your personality and believe that you could make a huge success for who you are. I am still a new photographer and don’t think my techniques could get a great picture out of such a talented model. Maybe one day, I hope I can work with you.

  2. aokety says:

    I think your amazing..ur work..ur life..ur passion..it’s all so motivated..u can’t feel but wish to be good at all things by reading some of ur accomplishment..your one of those beautiful creatures with all life bangs rushing to you..ur amazing..xoxo

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