The One Getting Married

I watched the love of my life getting married today
Theirs filled with love and light while mine is gray
My heart burns in pieces and my eyes can only cry
Their lovely summer wedding is my saddest July

He is now the one and I ain’t anyone anymore
As hard as it is I must now close this heavy door
I guess it is time to finally quit wishful thinking
Time to let go of this beautiful past I used to cling

All I could do is to watch and let them walk away
As I put out another cigarette in an empty ashtray
I am reduced to sad love songs to mask my pain
For my biggest loss is now his happiest gain

The idea that my only love is taken forevermore
Floats and drops inside my head like a seesaw
I am always the best man and never the groom
For all my love stories were destined to doom


About Toby Kendzierski

Fashion Model | Poet | Sketch Artist | Farmer | Biologist
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