Boathouse Lullaby

Floating on the water on a night so serene
Lit up by the ray of light from the candle
Rocking on a bed of waves soft as satin
Like a new born baby in a wooden cradle

As our minds travel to places unseen
Imaginations meet with boundless bliss
They too reminisce where we have been
Memories of times spent with those we miss

The moon disappears into the break of dawn
Chirpy birds serenades us with morning song
Like an aloof wolf hunting for a fawn
It is times like these that we feel truly strong

As the sun rises we rest our weary bones
Away from the world we shall sleep in peace
In the end they who long end up alone
But only those who dare will sail with ease


About Toby Kendzierski

Fashion Model | Poet | Sketch Artist | Farmer | Biologist
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