Song of A Homeless Man

A young man with his beaten guitar strumming
Along the street corner outside a liquor store
With a raspy voice and a beer he was humming
A country song ’bout a town by the river shore

He was tired and drunk but he was charming
The charm of a man who has lived his life poor
With no one watching he kept on performing
His body, spirit so numb he no longer feels sore

Almost emotionless he just stood there smiling
In a hapless world where people don’t ever care
About his helpless thought and hopeless feeling
His eyes restless, distressed with an empty stare

With each cigarette he lit up hopes of settling
Yet the idea of home felt like a haunting scare
The very reason why he kept on traveling
Living the sweet life of an aristocrat’s nightmare


About Toby Kendzierski

Fashion Model | Poet | Sketch Artist | Farmer | Biologist
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