I am lost in a city painted in unfamiliarity
The beauty lies in its chaotic uncertainty
Taken out of my zone of comfortability
What is left is a interrupted mental clarity
Shoulders rubbed with a hit of insanity
This is not a life for he who craves stability

I am this man with dreams of dreams
And yet nothing is ever really what it seems
Behind the dark brown eyes that look grim
Is a man who looks tough but feels like a wimp
Under an appearance of proper and prim
Is a heart so fragile and broken it is limp

I am tortured with a hidden insecurity
A secret that toys with my inner vanity
Blurred was the line of sense and sensibility
Surrounded by the charm of insincerity
In an uphill battle to uphold my dignity
Before I sink in to an ocean of unreality

I am a musical score without a composer
A grand living room without any furniture
I am bitter like iced coffee without sugar
A confused question without a right answer
I am the past, the present, and the future
An unknown suspense of an epic cliffhanger


About Toby Kendzierski

Fashion Model | Poet | Sketch Artist | Farmer | Biologist
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